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5 Ways to Help Build Your Self - Esteem

The world we live in can really tear down your Self -Esteem. The phrase " sticks & stones may break my bones , but words will never hurt me ", becomes more increasingly false as we matriculate through life's journeys and lessons. Having high self- esteem gives us the confidence to set boundaries in relationships/ friendships and also gives us the motivation to go after our dreams.

First, let's get this straight I'm not a psychologist or anything lol. But here are a few things that I do and are recommended  by some physicians to boost your confidence & Self Esteem. 

1.Change Your Look . 

Nothing feels better then a new hair cut or nail color! Okayyy! Like really ... every so often I pick an alter ego to use as a style inspiration. Most of the time it's Naomi Campbell lol. I feel like her self-esteem Is at 1,000% and I love her style!  Your feelings and thoughts about yourself effect your behavior and those behaviors shape your lifestyle. 

2. Treat Your Body With Respect. 

Eat well, exercise , relax and don't forget to Laugh. You are important! Remember there is no one in the world like you and your current circumstances do not define your future! 

 3. Forgive Yourself 

We all have skeletons in our closet. But the past is just that ! You have the ability recreate yourself over and over. However, you don't have the ability to go back in time and change situation. So overthinking the situation will not solve the issue. Just vow each day to be a better person then you  were in the past! 

4. Choose a Better Circle 

The people that are closest to you help shape your ideas and daily decisions. Go where the vibes feel genuine. Add up the assets in your life vs dependents. The people who add value in your life hold you accountable lovingly, put you in positions to win and nurture your soul. 

5. Pray/ Meditate 

This should actually be #1 on the list. Prayer solves everything! Leaving it in the hands of God takes so much pressure off you. Let your faith give you strength and build your broken self Image. Take 10- 30 mins when you first wake up to enjoy complete silence and meditation. Use that time to think about positive thoughts and mental balance. 


Thank you for reading 

La Shawn Sharp 

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